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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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but ramps and elevated structures and untreated surfaces could be icy and could be an issue in the morning. a lot more on what to expect and some springlike temperatures by saturday, in the few cast in a -- in the forecast in a few minutes. >> stay connected with our weather team 24 hours a day through our website or our website age. -- website page. >> a new coach for the burgundy and gold. the redskins formerly introduced jay gruden to the fans this afternoon. ofhe is the younger brother the former super bowl head coach -- super bowl champ head coach. team owner dan snyder did something different. he did not bring in a big name.
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many read ken's fans had to admit they did not know anything about jay gruden. -- many redskins fans. the reaction was everything from jubilation to relief to in difference. the man who takes mike shanahan's corner office is said to have one of the brightest offense of mines in football. jay gruden also carries a football pedigree. of mondaybrother night football analyst jon gruden. redskinstroduced at park this afternoon. >> i will do my best to make sure i put a can but it's of foot -- put a competitive football team on the field every day. tried to be positive about the hiring of the coach that many had not heard much about before today. >> for the first time, the new
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coach doesn't have star power or a long nfl resume. he has lived in the shadow of his older brother, super bowl winning coach jon gruden. now it his his our to shine in washington, and fans are hoping he is the one to bring the glory back to redskins park. >> he has a great offense of mine. >> that is all any redskins fan can hope for. tim brant will join us later in sports with what is behind this it -- decision and what it can mean for the off-season. stay tuned for that. ocean temperatures have forced the coast guard to end its active search for a sailor missing after helicopter crash. down wednesday during a
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training mission off virginia beach. two crew members were killed and two others survived. family members have released a photo of the four-year-old apartment fire in gaithersburg. lancelot died yesterday afternoon, just days after celebrating his forced -- fourth birthday. say the fire started in a kitchen, but the exact cause remains under investigation. destroyed.ts were >> he was captured shortly after thestart of the u.s. war -- war in afghanistan. officials say he now has no
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valuable intelligence information and is no longer a threat to the u.s.. it is not clear when or where he will be released. >> there is outrage tonight after the trial of the man accused of causing a police officers death in cinemas trial. prosecutors say one juror is to blame. the judge declared a mistrial in the second day of deliberations. after receiving an e-mail from caldwell. she said she could not pass judgment on another human being because she was a jehovah's witness. >> our citizens have to be here and have to be serious about sitting as jurors. we had 11 others who were, who gave their time and attention to this haze. -- to this case. refused to comment tonight but states attorneys say she will retry kneel on charges
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of vehicle or manslaughter. >> metro officials at the center of the investigation of the deadly 2009 metro crash, the deadliest crash in its history. stephen is in northwest washington to explain what is going on here. deadliestrs after the collision in metro history, the system -- the automated is something that metro passengers are welcoming tonight. a trip on metro rail can be bumpy and jerky. -- occasional rough ride after the deadly collision
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killed nine and injured dozens in june 2009, metro put the brakes on automation. >> a possible return to automation is on the roster of initiatives aimed at pleasing metro passengers. >> it would be nice not to have to walk up the entire length. -- metro intends to rehab a dozen elevators which frequently are out of operation. also on the list, get rid of the old lighting and install new, brighter lights at all 47 underground metro stations. finally, a date for the arrival of the new rail cars. by the end of the year, passengers will be riding in these brand-new cars.
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>> the transit system is working nationalith the transportation safety board in reviewing the eventual return to the automated system. however, at this point, no definitive timeline for that to happen. up, the cost of theing warm, the impact arctic blast is having on the power companies. >> demand convicted of the deadly shooting it for good is brought up in a report. >> a meeting between new jersey governor chris c
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>> the fort lee new jersey the -- mayor says he has accepted governor chris christie's apology after they met tonight. this after chris christie said he was heartbroken and humiliated after learning his --ff >> he announced he had fired his deputy chief of staff during an almost two-hour long news conference this afternoon. the fort lee mayor initially told governor christie not to come, but just a short time ago
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he said he is glad the governor persisted, and accepts his apology. governor christie told reporters he went to a top aide four weeks ago in insisting he tell him if anyone was involved in what is gate. dubbed as bridge >> a come on here today to apologize to the people of new jersey. i apologize to the people of fort lee, and i apologize to the members of the state legislature. >> a website printed e-mails topcating an eight and a port authority employee deliberately closed lanes as political payback. onlyovernor insisted he learned the truth from an aide at the gym. insisting he is not a bully and did not set the tone for bad behavior and his administration, he said today he had no reason
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to seek retribution against the fort lee mayor for not endorsing his bid for governor him a claiming he never asked for the democrats endorsement and in his words, could not even picked the new jersey mayor out of a lineup. when ibest i can do is see stuff like that to end it. i'm not in the business of satisfying everybody. i'm in the business of satisfying the people who elected me governor. democrats in new jersey continue their investigation. what, many are asking impact this could have on a potential chris christie run for president. he said today he told his warmer campaign manager to not apply for the job of state republican party chairman. it implies he is trying to clean thee as he takes over
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nomination. >> government waste includes a republican complement president aama and references to shooting. >> possible freezing rain during the morning commute.
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>> a republican senator is calling on congress to follow president obama's lead. >> if you think about the gao reports that have come out over the last three years, and another one will come this march, what has happened, based on the information they have given us? one bill out of the house, nothing out of the senate. the president, to his credit, has taken a lot of that and put it in his budgets, saying these are right things to do, we should do it. wasteful spending he identified was more than 52,000 dollars in pay to the fort hood shooter as he sat in jail.
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>> today the national capital planning commission approved final plans for the redevelopment of the old post office pavilion. trump is turning the landmark into a luxury hotel. ofagreed to incorporate many the buildings features into the new design. work on the $200 million project is set to begin later this year. virginia power said experience record electricity demands during this weeks arctic blast. for one hour etc. supplied more than 19,700 megawatts of electricity. the previous record was set back in february 2007. the record remains 20,000 megawatts, that was during the july 2011 heat wave. . -- no surprise.
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62 or 63 degrees. before we get there we have some ice and freezing rain that could cause some issues. we should get through it just fine. let's get started with the time lapse look from the district. the skies opened up and it looked fine through the morning and the midday hours with lots of sunshine. then the clouds rolled back in. temperatures close to 40 degrees in many areas. right now it is 35 at reagan national airport, 30 in gaithersburg, 35 in quantico. temperatures will get below freezing with areas of freezing rain. 41 officially at reagan national. we are kind of where we should be statistically. here's the advisory in the .orning
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temperatures are expected to be but in the areas highlighted in this color there is the possibility of some freezing rain and icing. untreatedn is for roadways, elevated structures, sidewalks, and parking lots. the temperatures of 28-32 don't have that far to go before things melt away and just turns to old fashion rain. cold but the momentum is this way, bringing the milder temperatures in. it will be really mild here on saturday, but first the moisture will come through with areas of freezing rain and drizzle for while. beyond that we will get into the 60's possibly here on saturday. there will be areas of freezing
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rain and snow north of us until about 9:00 or 10:00. saturday the rain comes in, but look at the numbers. the rain will be with us and will clear out late saturday night. sunday looks great. 31 with a mix in the morning, mostly freezing rain. cloudy and cooler in the afternoon at 42. sunday and monday and tuesday stay quite mild. >> now, the toyota sports desk. news being made today with the redskins franchise. >> a big day at redskins park today. >> we have a new commentator standing next to me by the name of jay gruden. he is doing all these interviews out here at redskins park to
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meet he is the new head coach of the washington redskins, the first time he has been head coach in the national football league. he comes from a pretty good pedigree. , he was ay gruden quarterback in louisville. i mentioned his pedigree, his dad coached the 49ers and his brother john coached the raiders. let's take a look at his coaching resume. three straight playoffs with the cincinnati bengals. the offense numbers went up every single year. and won thesistant super bowl there. a little while ago i spoke with him one on one. did you feel as soon as you got here that this was going to be it? i saw the passion for this team and this city. it is exciting.
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>> i know during the press conference, people were asking about the past, but as you move forward, what is your business to take place as head coach? all, we have to address our team and find out who can do what and who is going to be here and not going to be here, and make sure we find the best players. rg3 now?o you do with >> i will look at him and study him and work with him and trying to help. he works hard. he wants to be great. if you have a talent and you want to be great, there is no reason why you can't eat. i'm not going to judge anything until i get to know him and watch him and study him. >> have you ever been in a situation where you have had to talented guys like this? >> it is a great situation to
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have. >> how much were they as sounding boards as you went through this process? call coaches in your family to get advice on how to deal with the media and interviews in the process. >> he is talking about the media and interviews and getting used to that. take a look next door, he is already working for my old employee, disney. jay gruden, the new head coach --the watching than washington redskins. it has been a whirlwind the last 24 hours. >> he was unflappable there next to you.
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>> of freezing rain advisory in effect for the area from 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. tomorrow. -- 60 degrees 62 weather on saturday. >> that is it for us
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welcome to "world news." tonight, big apology from a man who said he's angry, humbled and betrayed. >> i am embarrassed. and humiliated. >> new jersey's brash governor, scrambling after his aides reportedly created a massive four-day traffic jam for politics. thawing out. why are all those pipes in all those homes exploding across the country now? and perk up. good news for coffee drinkers. a surprising study may have you reaching for another cup of coffee. good evening to you on this thursday night. as one of the


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